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How To Stay Motivated Over Summer

The summer months are now here… This means no more deadlines, no more 6am wake up, and surely no more busy days.  But MOTIVATION? Have you still got it?

It can be so hard to stay motivated throughout the summer because nothing is due tomorrow and September seems so far away.  But wouldn’t you want to look your best in September, be less stressed for the rest of the summer, and get on the good side of your teachers on the first day by actually doing the summer work.  If I were you, I would answer yes to all of these questions.

So the productivity queen in me wants to give you some hacks on how to get your summer homework done before the end of July and how to keep pushing yourself to gain those positive habits and get you to achieving the greatest version of yourself.

1.    Imagine The End Result.  I want you to stop reading this for a second and clearly visualize what your life would be like when you have that assignment done or when you have drank a gallon of water and exercised for 30 days straight.  How would your life be better? Now think about how badly you want that life you just envisioned. What if you could walk into school on that first day and blow everyone away with how prepared you are for class and how amazing your skin and body looks and how in gear your mindset is.  Isn’t that something you would like to achieve?

2.    Create Habits That Put This Plan Into Motion. Sit down and think about three to four things that you need to do every single day (a habit) that will project you to where you want to be.  Having positive habits are the only way to achieve success. Taking control of your day and having intentional moments and interactions will make all of the difference.  I can’t stress this enough. If you are someone who checks your phone first thing in the morning and instantly goes into panic about what needs to get done for the day, I have the perfect solution.

3.    Get CONTROL of your morning and your evening.  For example, as I am ready for a good read and a deep snooze, I will often list out hour by hour what is happening the following day as well as a small to-do list. Then, in the morning, I won’t check my phone until the second hour I get up.  This is crucial for me as I often get caught up in how many likes I got overnight and who texted me and what other people need from me and not what I need from me. In the morning , I’ll fill out my Start Today Journal, then I’ll head to the gym for roughly 45 minutes, and then I’ll come home to make a hearty breakfast, get ready, and crack down on my to-do list.  Now, I’m not going to ask you to wake up at 4:30 with me but whatever time you decide to get up (hopefully it is before noon), I hope you can follow some of these to be able to take control of your day and not just get up, be on your phone all day, and then go to bed.  Have intention for your day. Check out episode #1 of the Fashion Your Passion Podcast for a detailed explanation of my morning routine and how you can create one too!

Summer can be hard for all of us and I can surely say that I have definitely fallen off the bandwagon even in the first few weeks hence why I am writing this blog post.  I am reminding myself of what I need to do in the next week in order to get back on track with my routines. Not having to work 6 days out of the week is, for sure, different but I am excited to tap into this entrepreneur/self-employed lifestyle. I hope this provides you with the insights that you need in order to achieve your goals come September.

To those who just graduated, good luck in your next endeavor.  To those going into just another year of school, I wish you the best of luck and savor every moment.

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