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About Sammi

Hi there, my name is Sammi and I am so glad that you found me here on my site. Most of my time, I am a student but with the other hours of the day, I am a Jewish History and Hebrew major in college, motivational speaker, counselor, leader, and podcast host. I am passionate about many things including education, mental illness, spirituality, Judaism, and leadership. I am also a BIG dreamer. I have traveled to 4 out of the 7 continents and I hope to capture my take on my adventures from the past and in the future on this blog. Each trip that I have made whether far or wide has helped me grow and learn and so much more. Follow me on the journey of spiritual discovery and learning. Love you lots. Sending much love and light.


Latest Blog Posts

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Fashion Your Passion Podcast

  • #35 - You Got To Push Through! with Elizabeth O'Shea

    I think this episode is so fitting in this time where this epidemic is impacting our lives.  Elizabeth O'Shea is one of the STRONGEST people that I know and I am so blessed to have her as a guest on this show.  She shares her powerful […]

  • #34 - Do YOU Have Too Many Passions? with Holly Spinelli

    Are you multi-passionate? Do you love so many different things wholeheartedly? Well so does Holly Spinelli. With her main roles as an educator, activist, wife, and dog mama, this woman has a lot on her plate.  YET, she still can show up and get […]

  • #33 - Living and Breathing Passion with Lamarr Womble

    If you thought Sammi was passionate about speaking about passion, meet Lamarr Womble.  Renowned speaker and founder of "Passion for Leadership", a company to help empower students to develop and prepare personally and professionally to live and […]

  • #32 - Using Your Past As Fuel with Heather Schultz!

    Heather Schultz opens up about her new keynote and how she truly speaks based on what is going on with her. ⁣ In this episode, she will talk all about what the word resiliency means to her and how she was able to learn from her past and use […]

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