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  • #69 - Choosing The Unconventional Career with Kendra Beavis

    Kendra Beavis (@kendrabeavis) tells all this week about how she came to run her own agency and why she recommends starting early in regards to kickstarting your career.  Kendra is the founder of Moka, a graphic design agency based in NY and just started up the Tribe of Unicorns podcasts that […]

  • #68 - How To Set Boundaries in Every Area of Your Life with Sammi Reyes

     Since the school year has started, we have basically been doing everything from the same room, right?? and because of this, some of our boundaries may have become blurred. In this episode, Sammi breaks down how she has set her boundaries for this year and WHY it is so important to go through a […]

  • #67 - Chasing After Your Ambitions with KK

    KK from the Insider Scoop Podcast (@officialinsiderscoop) talks all about why she decided to start a podcast in order to follow her dreams of becoming a talk show host.  She started this podcast as a way to inspire others and follow her other dreams.   ARTWORK by: @bpenderillustrations If you […]

  • #66 - Mental Health 101 with Sarah Marandi-Steeves

    This week, Sarah Marandi-Steeves (@marandisteeves_lcsw) answers YOUR mental health questions and we DIVE in deep.   Sarah is a licensed clinical social worker who owns and operates a thriving therapeutic private practice based in NY. Sarah has a blog that focuses on mental health, wellness, and […]