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How To Change Your Mind Positively

I am often approached by people and told that they are inspired by me and love the work that I...

How To Tackle The College Essay

Alrighty, now that you have finally accepted you have to start the college process, it’s time to start that essay...

Pre-College Timeline: Summer Before College

Yay! Congrats!! You made it! You’ve made your May 1st decision and graduation is right around the corner.  So now...

Pre – College Timeline: Sophomore – Senior Year

Sophomore Year –  Take the PSAT! Whether you plan to take the ACT or SAT next year. Take the PSAT...

A FoolProof Guide To Clearer Skin

Are you on the quest to improve your life and your self confidence and your skin is just not agreeing...

My Top 5 Podcasts and Books

Last week, I shared with you three tips to help you stay motivated this summer.  You may have read them...

How To Stay Motivated Over Summer

The summer months are now here… This means no more deadlines, no more 6am wake up, and surely no more...

The ULTIMATE College Checklist

It is no lie when I say that I have some of the best friends in the world. I can...

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Fashion Your Passion Podcast

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Fashion Your Passion Podcast

  • #49 - Become UNSTOPPABLE with Tanya Miller

    The queen herself, Tanya Miller (@talkingwithtanya), is the guest on the podcast this week.  Tanya is the author of the Mind Matters project where she talks to you about getting out of your head and jumping back into life because sometimes you get stuck. This is what we DIVE into in this […]

  • #48 - Creating Your Dream Career with Allison Colin-Thome

     Careers... Not something I talk a lot about on the podcast but when I found this week's guest, I knew I had to cover the topic.  Allison Colin-Thome (@allisoncolinthome), the founder of Career Off Script, helps people find work they love by getting them clear on who they are and what […]

  • #47 - Own YOUR Life with Adam Mendler

    Adam Mendler (@adammendler) is this week's guest on the podcast.  As the CEO of the Veloz Group as well as a speaker, podcaster, and thought leader, Adam and I chat about how teenagers can really turn their life around RIGHT NOW.  Everything you need to take control of your life, you most […]

  • #46 - Having Hope and Staying Sane Throughout COVID-19 with YHelp Teen Taylor

    I was so honored to have YHelp Now (@yhelpnow), a teen organization that provides resources for teens and parents, such as mental health and life skills, other teen-related topics, reach out and ask if I would like to be interviewed all about within teens as well as throughout COVID-19. Welcome to […]

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