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  • #83-Running a Boutique during COVID and How To Start as A Entrepanuer with Lisa Launders

    Lisa Landers is the owner, founder, and creative visionary of Swirl Boutique, a local San Diego and Orange County high-end retail chain and e-commerce boutique. Lisa has been professionally styling and operating her store for over 14 years, styling celebrities such as Amanda Stanton and Tayshia […]

  • #82 - Coping With Trauma with Crystal Webster

    TW: Death, and child loss. Bring the tissues for this week’s episode because there will be tears. In this episode, Crystal Webster opens up about what her grieving process was like after she lost her first child and how Sharing Solace came to be because of it. I commend Crystal for coming on […]

  • #81 - What Are Your Values? with Rossi

    This week, I have Rossi as a guest. We chat all about things that this show was created on. [hit enter twice] We dive into how finding your passion starts at evaluating your values and how Rossi started teaching yoga [hit enter twice] Rossi shares new insights that I have not heard before and I […]

  • #80- Pivoting Your Life Plan with Julia Piccoli

    Meet Julia Piccoli, the badass business women who is the main gal to help you develop your personal brand. She followed me on Instagram one day and from there, we became some Instagram besties. In this episode, we chat all about how she went from a successful radio show host to helping 100's of […]