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My Story

Why am I so passionate about ‘Fashioning Your Passion’? For the past 5 years, I have been searching for the daily activities and tools that will motivate me to get out of bed each morning. The path has not been linear, but it has been impactful.
I had a 20-year plan ready to go, and I woke up every morning ready to move one step closer to those big dreams. This drive birthed Fashion Your Passion, a mental health and lifestyle podcast, in the beginning of 2019.
In April 2019, I presented on the power of finding your passion to more than 250 students, staff, faculty, and family at my high school, which instilled the deep desire to become a public speaker. Shortly after, I moved to big city San Diego from small town New York, motivated to land gigs and build my portfolio.
Then when March 2020 hit and rocked all of our worlds, my plan was utterly crushed. Since then, I have been trying to rebuild a plan that allows me to pursue some of my many passions and understand that so much of what I envisioned so long ago would look a little different.
I have been able to work for Scout’s Agency, a public relations agency committed to helping female entrepreneurs become thought leaders through the art of being a podcast guest, to utilize my creative side through storytelling, and use my Type-A tendencies to keep the most extensive living database in the company together. This also opened up my passion for Public Relations.
I also decided to enter entrepreneurship fully by opening Your Passion Agency from 2020-2022. This allowed me to understand how to run a business and also allowed me to learn that social media marketing is just a skill, not a passion.
Additionally, 2020 gave us the gift of Zoom, which allowed me to dabble in many different organizations that SDSU offers. It helped me find a home in the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), where I worked my way up to President, and the American Marketing Association, where I was to lean into my event planning passion by running two of the most significant events that the organization puts on, Agency Day and Professional Networking Night.
One of the most notable moments from my time in these organizations was winning the award for Outstanding Event from the Fowler College of Business Council for the management and execution of Professional Networking Night. That night, we supported 150+ students and hosted 15 companies in various industries that are looking for eager individuals to fill their marketing internships and jobs.
Growing up in these organizations has amplified my life mission of helping people. The skill of building relationships to ensure that all of our members felt welcome and felt like they were a part of the family allowed me to be one of the youngest board members of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) San Diego/Imperial Counties Executive Board on their Community Relations + Advocacy committee.
As I embark on my post-grad journey, I am eager to join the Public Relations or Event Planning communities to sharpen my skills and develop a foundation to become a full-time entrepreneur.