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How to Start A Podcast – Sammi has been the host of the Fashion Your Passion Podcast for the past three years and has acquired 10’s thousands of downloads.  Sammi has created a comprehensive workbook to create the podcast of your dreams. This workbook includes narrowing down your audience to really zero in your podcast topic, pre-production, recording, editing, and postproduction.  For 4 weeks, you will work with Sammi to generate every necessary item you need in order to start your podcast, and then Sammi will guide you to launch your first two episodes and let you in on some podcast marketing secrets in order for your podcast to succeed. 

How to Instagram – Instagram is the hottest new thing for sharing pics with your friends and family, showing off a hobby of yours, or trying to sell with a small or large business. Unfortunately, as well, Instagram can seem like a daunting task to so many.  Have no fear, Sammi is here to help you conquer those Instagram jitters.  In this service, Sammi will walk you through how to use Instagram but also will guide you through your first three posts to help optimize your success to reach your personal and professional goals.

Hashtag Banks – SO many of us love to use hashtags in order to increase our reach and following mainly on Instagram.  With this service, you will give Sammi a general idea of your ideal audience and your following numbers and she will craft 1-3 sets of 27-30 hashtags.

Passion Coaching – Have something that is calling you to create it but don’t know what exactly to do? Sammi runs you through a coaching process where she breaks down exactly what your idea is with you and begins to help you create a brand, product, or service.  This process starts with an in-depth questionnaire that gets you thinking and then Sammi hops on the phone with you in order to discuss further.  After the initial phone call, Sammi will give you 2-3 tasks to complete, and then you will have 3 Zoom calls biweekly to develop your project. 

Timetables – This is my most popular service and this is also my most life-changing service.  These timetables offer optimal productivity in order for you to truly fit everything you wish to into your day.  You will first email me all of your non-negotiables (classes, weekly meetings, morning routine items, etc.), then you let me know what you would like to fit into your day and then you let me know what time you would like to wake up and head to bed.  Then I take about a day or 2 and I throw all these components together to make an ideal daily schedule.  While it won’t be specific to your every day, every week, it will give you enough of an idea on when you should be taking care of things. 

Content Calendars – Want to post on your social but just don’t know what to post?  Do you have a creative director or social media intern and want the optimal schedule and content?  Come to me with your ideas and I can create your weekly or monthly content calendars complete with captions, pictures, hashtags, locations, tags, and the best times to post.