It’s incredible how much one can improve with much practice.  

For Mrs. Pyrch’s interview, we had to record the episode a few times and each time, I heard the improvement and the confidence in my voice.  After recording two versions (because of technical difficulties), we both agreed that it would come out EVEN BETTER if we rerecorded in a few days time and truthfully it did.  I came in knowing exactly what I wanted to ask and how I wanted to approach the conversation. I knew where to push my thoughts in and where I should allow her to give MASSIVE inspiration to my audience.

One thing that I have learned from interviewing many people is that I have to let them talk.  I have had to learn this professionally and personally. I have a tendency to talk, to get in MY word because I feel like I will forget what I wanted to say and also I tend to feel like my word is very important and needs to be heard.  From familiarizing myself with the work of Don Miguel Ruiz and the Four Agreements, thanks to Mrs. Stewart, I have learned to “Be Impeccable With My Word” meaning that before I speak, I don’t and think about the value that my input might add, if any.  

I think about what power would be created if I allow the person who I am interviewing to continue to answer the question and usually when I allow them to continue, the episode turns out so much better.  There is a time for me to speak and a time for me not to speak. It is not that I wish to silence myself, it is that I wish to bring light and power to the person who I am “showcasing” that week. It is not about me being lesser than but rather there is a CERTAIN time and space for everything.  

Being able to interview so many incredible people has been such an amazing learning experience and has really taught me how to be me and also how to “Be Impeccable With My Word”

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